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Kline Innovation 991 turbo exhaust

Kline Innovation 991 turbo exhaust

PORSCHE 991 TURBO  Exhaust


The seventh incarnation of the 911, the 991 turbo has taken some strikingly beautiful evolutionary steps. A wider wheel base, and improved axel to engine geometry significantly improve the weight distribution and cornering stability. additional composites and aluminium to further reduce weight, even the exhaust has been somewhat improved over the 997. So how much could we really improve over the factory exhaust? Quite simply remarkably.



Available with decat pipes for optimum performance and sound, or with 100 or 200 cell HJS HDPE catalysts. The largest gain with decats is 38hp and 55nm. 100 cell and 200 cell catalysts produce 20hp, and 16hp respectively.




Cross Sections

De-cat cross section 70mm OD specifically chosen for a balance of peak torque and power.
Silencer section, cross section 65mm OD and 44mm OD overflow
Catalysts come in a variety, from 108mm OD to 127mm OD



Turbo back system
Available in standard 304 grade stainless steel, weight 14kg 200cell cats, 12.5 with de-cat
Inconel 625 formula one grade material, weight 7.5kg
Titanium G2 silencer section is also available, weight comparable to Inconel


Standard 304 grade stainless, weight 6kg total
Inconel 625, weight, 2.9kg total
Titanium unable to endure extreme heat


Available soon in Inconel 625, or 304 stainless expect the world first equal length design


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