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9m 718 2.0 lightweight flywheel & Upgraded clutch kit

9m 718 2.0 lightweight flywheel & Upgraded clutch kit

Varenr.: 9M718 2.0 2.5 LW Flywl & Clutch

9m 718 2.0 Lightweight flywheel 


● CNC machined high carbon forged billet steel material

● 52% weight reduction (OEM flywheel 14.55kg vs 9m flywheel 6.95kg)

● Direct replacement

● Quicker acceleration

● Reduced rotating mass and less engine inertia

● Better throttle response

● OEM clutch compatible

● More power to the wheels


9m 718 Upgraded clutch kit 


  • Higher thermal capacity compared to OEM friction material
  • Higher transmittable torque compared to OEM
  •  Performance pressure plate giving higher transmittable torque and higher clamp load
  • Capable of over 550Nm torque
  • Sprung uprated organic center plate with OEM pedal feel
  • Ideal upgrade for typically fast road/track day cars and everyday use


 9M7182.0 2.5 LW Flywl & Clutch


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